“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”


Kumari SchoolFacilities


The school is well equipped with a big library, containing more than 3000 volumes of valuable books, magazines and periodicals. A wide range of reference books are also available. It is mandatory to observe silence inside the Library.It is strictly for bidden to lend books taken from the library Students who damage Newspapers, books, etc will be fined.


Sports is given a lot of importance next to academics. Ample opportunities are given to pupils to develop various skills in sports and games. Special coaching is also offered.

i) Sports and Gamesbr
ii) Karate
iii) Yoga
iv) Drawing
v) Bharatha Natiyam & Dance
vi) Scholarship Examination
vii) Keyboard, Thabala
viii) Abacus
ix) Hand Work & Craft Work
x) Vocal Music
xi) Nutrition Class
xii) Chess
xiii) Personality Development & Spoken English
xiv) Skating etc.


Well equipped laboratories for Science and Computer are available and pupils can make use of them. Also the Computer Laboratory is equipped with multi-programming hardware of large system with latest software package to meet the needs of the students.A seperate room is allotted for Science Laboratory for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. About 250 science appliances worth of Rs. 4,30,000/- are available. A qualified science teacher is incharge of this laboratory. Students are much benifitted by this laboratory.