“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”


  • All pupils should compulsorily come in full school uniform on all working days and at all school functions. Pupil should be neat and tidy.
  • All pupils must come to school regularly and punctually. No pupil may absent himself or herself without obtaining leave in advance.
  • The school begins with morning assembly everyday. Attendance is compulsory. Those who came late or those who have been absent on the previous day must bring the late attendance or leave record signed by their parents or guardians to be shown to the principal. Before entering the class, they must show the teacher, the record counter signed by the principal.
  • Pupils are responsible for the care of their personal belongings. It is not advisable to bring jewels, ornaments watches etc., to the school. The school management takes no responsibility for their loss.
  • Students should take care of the school furniture, damage done to the school property must be paid for at the discretion of the principal.
  • No student may leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the principal. Any person wish to meet a student or a teacher in the premises should get the permission of the school authority.
  • Pupils should always remember that the name of the school depends on each ones good behavior and that are the real AMBASSADORS of the school. So their behavior inside and outside the school should be excellent and praise worthy.
  • Going from one class to another should be done in silence
  • English, which is the medium of instruction in the school should be used AT ALL TIMES in the school premises.
  • Pupils are strictly for bidden to bring objectionable books, news papers, novels and periodicals to the school.
  • Loss of library books has to be compensated by the amount stipulated by the principal.
  • It is compulsory to be present on all important occasion such as reopening day, school days sports day, seminar days etc.